Five new pizza chains opening in San Francisco, California, this week

5 NEW YORK (AP) 5 new pizza restaurants opened in San Diego this week, as well as a new chain, Valentino’s, which also offers pizza. 

And here’s where you can catch a glimpse of some of the restaurants:Here’s what to know: 1. 

Valentino`s Pizza: Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, this new pizza chain is named after its founder, Valentinio Valenzuela, who founded the restaurant chain in 1983. 

In a sign of growing interest in pizza, Valentinos Pizza is serving a range of toppings, including mozzarella, parmesan, sausage, pepperoni, and pepperoni-wrapped sausage. 

“Valentinio`s pizza is the world’s best and the best pizza in America,” said Mark Schubert, president of Valentino`S Pizza. 


Makes: Morte�s Pizza has been in business for more than 20 years and offers the best in Italian pizza.

It`s a family owned and operated business that has opened a second location in South San Diego and will open a third location in the city in early 2017. 


Cafe Cacciatore: Located just a few blocks away from the new pizza restaurant, Cafe Cacciatiore offers traditional Italian cuisine, including pasta and meats. 


Chocolate Milk: The popular chocolate milk has been available in San Diegans supermarkets for more, but now it is available at a dozen stores across the state, including the South Bay and San Diego. 


Pizzeria Pita: Pizza and Pita are both popular pizza toppings in San Jose, but Pizza Pita is more popular in the Bay Area. 


The Bamboo: The newest restaurant opening in the San Francisco Bay Area is a vegan take on classic Mexican fare. 


Bamboo Pizza: Owner Mark Hahn opened this new restaurant in downtown San Francisco this week with a menu that is meant to mimic the traditional flavors of Mexican restaurants. 

8. Desserts: This new Italian bakery is a new venture, but the San Jose-based family-owned bakery is known for its pies. 


Kevlar: KevaLar has been serving up tasty baked goods in the Golden State for years, but it`s only now becoming a real contender in San Franciscos pizza world. 


Nuova: Nova is an Italian dessert shop that offers the classic flavors of Italian fare.

The cafe is located in downtown Oakland. 


Garden Pizza: This new pizza joint is a great place to get the freshest ingredients, including basil, eggplant, and roasted red peppers. 


Livio: Livi is a restaurant that specializes in pizza that is more traditional and more flavorful. 


Fiesta Pizza: The Italian chain has a menu of salads, pizza, and other food options that are all available at the new location in downtown Los Angeles. 


Oysteria: Oysters are available in the San Francisco Bay area, including the East Bay and San Diego.

The new Oysteria location is in Oakland, and the restaurant is in Los Angeles, according to the chain`s Facebook page. 


Rosa Pizza: Rosa has been around since 1996, and its signature dish is the Tuscan sausage pizza.

This new restaurant has been opening a new location for a while in Oakland.16. 

San Jose Pizza: This new location will offer a menu full of traditional San Jose Italian food, but they also are serving a variety of toppies and flavors, including salted caramel, peppermint, pineapple, chocolate chip, and blackberry. 


Strawberry: This restaurant in Oakland is a fresh take on traditional strawberry pie, which is made with real strawberries. 


Carrot and Spice: This is a specialty food that is available in many states and has been making its way around the country. 


Salud: Saludos is a pizza chain that started in Mexico, but is now expanding its menu to more countries around the world.

The resto store in San Bernardino, California opened last week and is located at the former U.S. Mint factory site. 


Viva La Pizza: A new Italian restaurant in the South Central area of San Diego is offering a unique blend of pizza, pasta, and entrees. 


Jamba Juice: Jambalaya Juice has been on the rise in the past few years, and now has a location in San Marcos. 


Safari: Saffron