Pizza Hut India opens the doors to its first ‘Jet’s Pizza Hut’ outlet in Mumbai

Jet’s Pizza hut, one of India’s largest pizza shops, has opened its doors in Mumbai.

The Indian company, which also has locations in Bangalore and Chennai, will open its first outlet in the city next month.

It is the first pizza joint in the country.

Jet’s has a reputation for its pizza, which is a classic Indian dish.

It has been around for around 15 years and it is currently ranked as the most visited pizza joint on the web.

“This new outlet is our way of making Jet’s and Jet’s pizza even better.

We are confident that our customers will enjoy this new outlet and that we can serve them pizza as well,” said K Suresh, general manager of Jet’s.

He added that the Jet’s brand and unique flavours will appeal to all segments of the Indian population.

“We have also set up a special kiosk in the store, which will be open till December 15,” he said.

The Jet’s store in Mumbai is located at the top floor of the old Pizza Hut outlet building.

There are two restaurants, one on the first floor, the other on the second.

The restaurant is a big success.

“Everywhere we have opened a new outlet we have seen a big surge in traffic.

This is the result of Jet has been in the market for a long time,” said the general manager.

He said the Jet is one of the most popular restaurants in India, which means it attracts customers from all walks of life.

“It is an opportunity to bring Jet’s, Jet’s to a wider audience,” he added.