How to get the best of the Boston Pizza’s in-store experience

We’ve all had a taste of the iconic Boston Pizza, but what if it wasn’t just the dough?

We’ve rounded up some of the best in-house pizzas available in Melbourne.


Aussie burger with a touch of tomato sauce and BBQ sauce, by Tonic Burger, $18.20 2.

Pizza topped with kiwi and cucumber, by The Red Pepper, $19.40 3.

A tasty salad topped with fried chicken, avocado, and red onions, by Cesar & Cesar, $20.20 4.

Pizzas with crispy bacon, by Cafe Nogeria, $21.30 5.

The ultimate pizza, by the Pizza Hut, $23.20 6.

A decadent pizza, with an egg and bacon, tomato sauce, and cheese topping, by Pizza Hut Melbourne, $27.60 7.

An epic Italian pizza, topped with mozzarella, basil, pepperoni, and mozzerella cheese, by Olive Garden, $28.50 8.

A delicious pizza with a side of crispy bacon and roasted tomato, by Capriotti, $30.00 9.

A pizza topped with sweet potato, avocado and bacon with a green salad, by Carlsberg, $33.50 10.

A slice of the New York-style pizza with grilled chicken, bacon, and avocado, by Domino’s, $35.00 11.

A great pizza, loaded with pepperoni and tomato sauce (from a New York restaurant), by Subway, $39.50 12.

A beautiful, healthy pizza with spinach, tomato, and olive oil, by Papa John’s, and $40.00 13.

A classic pizza, made from fresh mozzas, tomatoes, and a side, by Burger King, $45.50 14.

A good old-fashioned pizza topped in tomato sauce with an orange and blue cheese dressing, by Taco Bell, $50.00 15.

A wonderful pizza, cooked in a New England style, topped in pepperoni cheese and crispy bacon with roasted tomato sauce by Papa Johns, $55.00 16.

A New York style pizza, baked in the traditional style, with grilled turkey, bacon and avocado topping, from Papa John, $60.00 17.

A nice pizza, served with avocado, mozzaria, tomato and cheese sauce, from Subway, and the ultimate combination of a pizza and salad, from Domino Bros, $65.00 18.

A truly unique slice of pizza, filled with fresh mozarella and roasted red onion, topped on top of an egg, topped off with grilled ham, and topped with a red onion and mozerella cheese dressing from Papa Johns.