More pizza delivery options coming to Italian stadiums

More pizza deliveries are on the way to stadiums in Italy, with Papa John’s Pizza announcing it will offer a delivery service to select Italian football clubs.

The Italian company will be offering a pizza delivery service, with an average of 10 delivery cars per game, to teams from the 2018-19 season.

This is the second year in a row that Papa John has offered delivery services to Italian clubs, as the Italian football federation was also looking to launch a delivery option to some of its other professional leagues.

The service will be available in Serie A and the Coppa Italia, as well as the Colla Centro della Toscana, as part of a new partnership with Italian delivery company, Delivery, that aims to create a “one-stop pizza delivery platform for Italian clubs”.

The service is scheduled to launch in the coming weeks, with the delivery cars having already been delivered to the clubs in Rome and Milan.

Papa John’s spokesperson Andrea Sorni said: “We are pleased to welcome Delivery to Italy.

Deliveries are a common part of our business model, as they help us offer our customers the best possible delivery experience.

We look forward to introducing delivery in 2018 and beyond.”

The partnership with Delivery is a new initiative from the Papa John Group, which is set to grow its delivery service in the United States and Europe.

The group also announced a partnership with a German delivery company called, which will offer delivery to all of the Premier League’s clubs, including the Manchester United and Chelsea clubs.