This pizza is so good, it’s worth the price of a single burger

Nino’s Pizza has teamed up with burger chain Burger King to make its pizza the most expensive burger on the planet.

The chain’s Pizza Delite burger has been ranked in the top 100 highest priced burgers by Burger King and it’s now the highest priced burger on Burger King’s website.

Nino has been the subject of a #fakenews hashtag that’s been trending worldwide.

The Burger King burger was introduced back in December as the company was planning to launch a new version of the burger in the coming months.

This version, dubbed the Nino, will be called the Ninos Pizza and is reportedly the most sought after burger in America.

The Pizza Delight is priced at $14.99 and the Burger King pizza is $14,99.

Burger King is selling the Pizza Delites at $15.99.

The Pizza Delights will be available for a limited time at Burger King stores on January 11.