What you need to know about the California Pizza Kitchen’s pizza toppings

California Pizza Hall of Famer and current owner of California Pizza Pizza Kitchen, Anthony Bourdain, has recently stepped down from the role of the restaurant’s executive chef and head chef.

Anthony Bourdain says he’ll be stepping down from California Pizza restaurant’s role as executive chef in a video posted on the restaurant website Friday, March 10, 2018.

Bourdain said in the video that the move was due to “growing concerns with the health and safety of our employees.”

The video also included photos of Bourdain’s wife, Stephanie Bourdain.

In a statement, the California Public Health Department said that while the agency is aware of the news, it is “not currently in a position to provide additional comment at this time.”

The statement said that, as per state regulations, it has not received any formal notification of a formal change of leadership at California Pizza.

CPSD did not immediately respond to a request for comment.