How the NYPD is making its pizza business more appealing to women

New York City is home to one of the most successful and lucrative pizza franchises in the country, and its newest franchise has just begun accepting tips on its website.

The Brooklyn Style Pizza, which opened its doors in September, says it accepts tips on a regular basis, and has also made it easier for women to tip the restaurant.

According to the Brooklyn style’s website, the restaurant is the second-largest pizza franchise in the United States, with an average order size of $100,000, and a restaurant delivery service that delivers orders to Brooklyn’s two most popular restaurants.

While Brooklyn style has made its pizza more accessible to women, the pizza is still considered one of Manhattan’s most expensive.

It charges a premium of $9.99 for a crust that is made with a premium mozzarella cheese, $9 for a thin crust, and $10.99 a half-pound.

“I don’t think we’ve ever really had a place like this,” one waitress told The Hill.

“We have the same crust, but it’s made with mozzas.

And we are the only place in the entire borough that doesn’t have a delivery service.

If you are going to make a conscious effort to make the pizza more affordable for women, it has to be really appealing to them.”

The Brooklyn style is not the first restaurant to offer a more affordable option to women.

In April, The Huffington Post reported that a restaurant in New York’s Chinatown, in the Brooklyn borough of Queens, was offering a tip-free menu to female diners, and in September 2016, an Asian restaurant in Washington, D.C., made the same announcement.

The Huffington post also reported that in November 2016, a New York restaurant was opening a menu for women.

The Brooklyn restaurant has also taken steps to ensure that its menu is gender-neutral.

The restaurant’s website says the restaurant serves food in English, and that the menu includes three options for women and three options that include men.

Brooklyn style has not yet released the exact prices for its menu, but its website states that the restaurant’s total order price will be $99.99, and the tip will be calculated at $3.50 per dollar.