Which is better: a classic Italian-style pizza, or a modern, vegan option?

By now you know that the Italian-Style Pizza is a classic and is considered a staple in any restaurant.

But the vegan pizza is a new trend in the world of pizza, and you don’t need to be a fan of traditional pizza to try it.

We’ve rounded up the best vegan pizza options for a few reasons.

One, they’re affordable, and two, they can be made vegan too.

The best of the vegan pizzas are made from scratch, with vegan cheese.

These pizza recipes have been adapted from recipes on Food.com, with many of them inspired by the classic Italian pizza.

You can also find vegan pizzes from different cultures in the Vegan-Foods section of your favorite website.1.

Sarpinos Pizzas Vegan Pizzeria The best vegan pizzerias in the U.S. offer some of the best toppings, and it pays off.

We love the Sarpinos pizzas in the city of Parma, Italy.

It’s the perfect size and shape for a pizza, with a nice thick crust and a crisp interior.

If you’re looking for a vegan option, Sarpinas is a great place to start.

SARPINOS is a local pizza shop in Parma that offers vegan pizzases and vegetarian pizzas.

The pizza’s toppings include cashew and avocado, mozzarella, mozarella cheese, olive oil, parmesan, and red onion.2.

Venetian Vegan Pizza Venetia Vegan Parma Venetias Vegan pizzas, often called veggie pizzas by the people who make them, are the most popular options in Italy.

They’re made with fresh ingredients and include mozzaro, basil, fresh herbs, and cheese.

Veneta’s pizzas come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4 ounces to 16 ounces.

Veneto also offers vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free options.

Venets is a vegan-friendly restaurant in Ponte Vedra, a small town about 30 minutes east of Naples.

Venettes vegan pizzabons are smaller, with smaller crusts, and also come with a choice of toppings like cheese, basil and olive oil.

Venette also offers a vegan menu, which includes soups and salads.

Veneteis is a vegetarian-friendly vegan restaurant in Rome, Italy, which is a short drive from Naples.

Venetia’s vegan pizzafacts vegan, vegan options are more diverse.

The pizzas offer the same kinds of topplings as their veggie-friendly counterparts, but they also include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten- and soy-, nut-, and corn-free toppings.

The pies are also available with or without toppings of any kind, which means you can get an authentic Veneto pizza without going vegan.3.

Veggie-Focused Vegan Pies In addition to vegan pizzasses, veggie focused pizzas can be a great option for vegetarians.

There are a number of vegan pizzapacks in the United States and the United Kingdom, but none have more than one veggie option.

Here’s a list of vegan veggie pizza options, with links to each of the pizzas on the site.

The Piedmont Pied-a-Poni is a pizzeria in the Piedont area of the Parma region of Italy.

The menu is made with a vegan base of meats, beans, and cheeses, which gives it a more authentic Italian feel.

The owner, Fabio Piedmo, said his pizzas have a creamy texture that mimics the pappas he uses for his vegan pizza.

The sauce is rich, rich, and thick, with flavors of basil, basil-based mozzardioli, and fresh herbs.

The ingredients used are sourced from Italy and the region.

This pizzeria offers vegan options, including a vegan and gluten free pizza.4.

New York Vegan Piedo Piedro Piedorito, an all-vegan pizzeria, opened in New York City in the spring of 2016.

Owner Chris Kohn says the pizzeria is all about the food.

“We wanted to give back,” he says.

“Our vegan pizzeria was a reflection of the community, of our friends, of the friends of New York, and of our mission to serve good food to the people of New Yorks.”

Kohn also offers free WiFi, which makes the restaurant a great spot to hang out with friends, eat a vegan meal, or watch a football game.

Piedros is a good place to learn more about vegan pizzaking.

Its vegan options include vegan mozzas, vegan sausage, and vegan chicken, along with other items like vegetarian pizzaballs and vegetarian pies.5.

Vegan Pizza In New York The Vegan Piazza at the Waldorf Astoria is