New Pizza Hut Pizza Hut is going all-in on ‘Pizza Hut pizza’

A new pizza Hut in New York City will be made with a mix of cheese and pepperoni.

The pizza hut is named Pizza Hut, and it’s slated to open on January 3.

Pizza Hut says it is an effort to honor the legacy of the pizza Hut franchise, which has been a fixture in the U.S. since 1962.

It will have a pizza-themed interior and a new menu, with more to come.

The restaurant is not only going to be named Pizza House, but also Pizza Hut in honor of the company’s founder, Michael “Pizza” Hutnik.

The brand will be named after a former franchisee, Pizza Hut’s former general manager, Mike Hutnik, who passed away in December.

The menu will also include burgers, pizza, pizza toppings, and more.

The chain is not the first to have a themed pizza restaurant, but it is the first in the country to include cheese and a pizza in its menu.

The name Pizza Hut comes from a word used by Hutnik to describe the company, which was founded in New Jersey in 1962.

A Pizza Hut franchise was first franchised in the United States in 1993, but was sold to the Pizza Hut Corp. in 1996.