Zeeks Pizza: ‘Zeeks’ pizza oven with a Zeeks logo on it comes to Kickstarter

ZEEZES Pizza is the latest pizza oven to go on Kickstarter.

The device is designed to make pizzas from the oven itself, rather than from the crust of the pizza.

The idea is that by just adding a few ingredients, you can have a pizza with a higher protein, lower carb and fat content.

That’s good for those who like to keep their diets low.

It’s also good for vegans, and those with a gluten intolerance.

The project’s goal is $1,000, which is a huge goal for pizza ovens, which are still not cheap enough for a typical pizza.

“The goal of this Kickstarter is to raise enough money to create a zeks pizza oven,” the campaign description reads.

“This oven is the perfect solution for those of you who want to experiment with pizza making and want to make your own zeks.

There is a very simple process for you to follow.

The dough needs to be made from scratch.

No one else has ever done this before.”

The campaign is running at an estimated goal of $500, and if all goes well, the campaign will launch in June.

It is currently asking for $10,000.

“There are a lot of ways to make pizza and this zeks will be no different,” the ZEEzes website says.

“No one has done it this way before, so this is a completely unique way of making pizza.

If we reach our goal, we will begin production and will release the first batch of zeks ovens in June.”

The Kickstarter project says the Zeezes pizza oven will also be available in other flavors, including a “Zeeks Style Pizza”.

It will be available at select stores starting this summer.

The ZEEs pizzas are also available online, but only if you back the campaign on Kickstarter and then add the reward to your cart.

If you want to try out the zeks style pizza, you’ll have to do that as well.

“If you’re like me and have never made zeks before, you should probably start off with some pepperoni, sausage and other toppings,” the Kickstarter description says.

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