When will I get the pizza that I want?

The answer is: Not soon enough.

The costco pizza chain’s website, which was updated this week to reflect the company’s new policy, does not list any delivery options for its customers in the United States.

But the policy states that the chain “will continue to deliver and serve” the products to customers outside the United State.

The chain is “actively exploring other delivery options,” the company wrote in an update on its website, adding that the change will apply to its current US customers.

“We appreciate your understanding that delivery of our pizza in your area is not possible,” the chain wrote in its updated statement.

“Our goal is to deliver our pizza to you in the U.S. and deliver to all of our U.K. and European customers by March 31, 2019.

We’re committed to making sure our pizza arrives on time, but are not able to guarantee that all orders will be delivered.

We will continue to explore other delivery opportunities.”

But if you are still looking for the cheapest pizza in town, the chain’s offer is no longer a good option.

Its customers have until March 31 to order the pizza from the company, and its new policy makes the change permanent.

A spokesperson for the chain said that the changes would affect the delivery options the chain offered to customers in its U.N. and Canadian markets.

“Costco is committed to delivering the freshest and freshest products to our customers,” said the spokesperson.

“The new policy means that the price for the pizza will no longer be subject to the price fluctuations associated with price changes in international markets.

Costco is also working with our suppliers to continue to improve delivery for our customers in those markets.”