Five star pizza wins best frozen pizza contest

5-Star Pizza, the frozen pizza chain that is best known for its frozen pizza with toppings like caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, and tomato, is now celebrating its 5-star rating on Yelp.

The New York-based pizza chain was awarded a five star rating by Yelp on Friday, a feat that’s never happened before.

It’s the first time Yelp has awarded a 5-STAR rating to a frozen pizza.

It all started last October when the restaurant’s Facebook page received thousands of likes, comments, and messages.

Five-Star’s Yelp page garnered over 10,000 reviews and thousands of comments on its reviews.

Five star Pizza owner Mike Daugherty says the feedback from the reviews helped him understand how customers liked his restaurant.

“The reviews helped us understand our customer’s feelings,” Daugberry said.

“We’re really thankful for all of the positive feedback that we got, and that’s why we took it as seriously as we did.”

The 5-Stars rating was posted on October 15, and it’s been the focus of Yelp’s efforts to get Five Star’s ratings on its platform.

Five Star Pizza’s rating on the site was announced on Monday.

“We were thrilled to see Yelp take an active role in our business and to provide Five Star with a five-star Yelp rating,” said Robby Hester, Yelp’s chief marketing officer.

“This is great validation that Yelp is committed to providing consumers with great reviews and helps them find great restaurants that meet their needs and expectations.”

The five-Star rating has been a hot topic on Yelp for some time.

On its official website, Five Star describes itself as “the world’s best frozen pizzerias” and says it serves “the freshest and most authentic frozen pizza from around the world.”

Five Star also sells frozen pizzas and other items.

It has more than 2,200 restaurants worldwide.

The pizza chain has been praised for its “unique, unique experience,” as well as its “unlimited toppings” and “unparalleled creativity.”

In addition, Five Stars has been known to be the home of a few celebrity pizza lovers.