What’s the difference between the hotbox and the milanos pizza?

The pizza that’s most often advertised as “the hottest pizza in the world” is actually made from “a mix of ingredients”, according to the official website of a popular chain of pizzerias in Chicago.

The Chicago Pizza Company (CPC), which operates in more than 70 cities across the US, advertises the hottest pizza on its website and has partnered with several high-profile pizza makers to create its signature sauce, which is also sold in bars and restaurants.

It is one of the biggest chains in the country and boasts an annual turnover of more than $400 million.

But while the company claims to be the hottest in the US and worldwide, the Chicago Pizza Association is not impressed.

In a blog post titled “It’s the same old, same old”, the organisation said it “regrets” that the Chicago pizzeria chain has created a marketing slogan “that is very misleading to the public”.

“The Chicago Pizza brand has been a part of our family for nearly 150 years and has been known as a great pizza and a great place to eat,” the statement said.

“We are not the hottest thing in the city, we are just not the top dog.”

The Chicago group is seeking compensation for the company’s “misleading” advertising and is seeking the right to be placed in court.

“In its efforts to deceive consumers, the company has created and sold its own marketing slogan that is misleading to consumers,” the group said in the post.

“It is a misrepresentation of the product to mislead consumers, and it is a false advertising claim.”

It’s the kind of blatant deception that the CPSA is not happy about, the organisation’s chair, Anne Marie Thompson, said.