How to make Luigi’s Pizza at home

It took nearly four hours, but the construction of Luigi’s pizza was finally done at a pizza shop in Rome.

Italian restaurant Luigi’s opened in Rome in 1764, and the restaurant was named after Luigi, the creator of pizza.

The restaurant became one of the most iconic pizza shops in Rome and it was known as “the Italian Pizza” because it was the birthplace of the Italian tradition of pizza making.

The restaurant has been open since 1949.

In that time, the restaurant has served over 100 million pizzas, according to a website dedicated to the restaurant.

The owners of the restaurant said that the reason why they wanted to open Luigi’s was because it has the best ingredients, and because it is the only one that serves a large pizza.

They also said that it is very easy to get your hands on a pizza, because it can be made with different types of cheese.

“I want to emphasize the word ‘Italian,’ because it’s not just a pizza.

It’s a whole family,” said Luca Scavone, the owner of Luigi.

“You can’t be too happy and leave out anything else.”

The Luigi’s restaurant was originally named for the pizza maker, Luigi, but it was later renamed after the Italian artist Pietro Veronese.

Veroneses creation of a red sauce, which he named the “red sauce,” was the first pizza he ever created.

In the 1950s, Verones was inspired to make a red pizza.

He said that his mother and sister would make pizza together and that it was an obsession.

He even began his own pizza restaurant in the 1950.

The business eventually closed and was closed for many years.

In 2002, Luigi’s reopened with a new name, but Scavones still has his original name.

He says that he wanted to give his restaurant a new lease on life.

“We wanted to return to our roots and we were willing to be innovative,” Scavoned said.

The pizza is still the best pizza in Rome, and Scavoni said that they are proud of their pizza.

“People have to come here, they can’t not come here,” he said.