Howie’s pizza restaurant is selling the outdoors for $5,000

The outdoor pizza restaurant Howie has sold its outdoor pizza for $10,000 after an online bidding war over its pizza ovens.

The restaurant, located in the north-western suburb of Maroubra, received an invitation to bid on the new outdoor pizza equipment in January.

After an extensive review of the equipment, the restaurant decided to sell the ovens, and the company has since raised the price to $5.5 million, from $4.5m.

The auction ended last week and the winning bid was announced on Tuesday.

In the bidding process, the company found that outdoor pizza was popular among younger generations and its outdoor pizzas were generally a more cost-effective alternative to conventional pizza oven technology.

“Our pizzas are more delicious and the outdoor ovens are more affordable, which means we are able to bring this product to a wider audience,” Howie general manager Mike Fogg said in a statement.

“This will allow us to focus on the future of our business and to provide our customers with the very best quality outdoor pizza that they want and deserve.”

Howie’s outdoor pizza is also made with local ingredients, with local cheese, tomatoes, garlic, onions and basil.