Why would someone buy a pizza shack?

Posted September 29, 2018 07:14:03Costco Pizza has had a rough few weeks, as the pizza chain’s stock price has fallen and its share price has been battered by reports that the company was preparing to exit its struggling online business.

But, as far as a potential buyer for the chain is concerned, it is a “pizza shack” according to its co-founder, Andrew Zipperer.

Costco has been struggling for some time.

The chain was acquired by US retailer Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in 2010 for $6.5 billion.

But that deal fell apart amid a $8.5bn takeover by Pizza Hut.

Kohlberg was unable to close its acquisition because of antitrust concerns.

Costos has struggled in recent years.

Its shares have fallen from $30.50 in the third quarter of 2018 to $16.50 on Wednesday.