How to tell whether your favorite pizza restaurant is Sam’s Pizza or Sam’s Italian Deli

The term Sam’s pizza originated in New York City.

Now it’s the only pizza restaurant in the world serving authentic Sam’s pies from New York to Boston.

That’s according to Sam’s owner and CEO Brian Bielfeldt.

It’s not just a Sam’s brand; Sam’s has been the first pizza company to serve Sam’s pizzas in the United States since 1882. 

Sam’s Italian Restaurant in Boston.

Source: Flickr/Mike Stapleton. 

Bielfeldtht told the Boston Globe that his brother Sam opened Sam’s in 1982 in the heart of the city’s Chinatown neighborhood, where it is still open today. 

The Bielflitz brothers, who started the restaurant together, have been serving authentic Italian fare at the New England Sam’s location since 1992.

The brothers have also opened a new location in Boston, and they are currently open for business at the original Sam’s Boston location. 

“I think it’s just the best pizza in the country,” Sam told the Globe. 

If you’re in Boston right now, it’s a Sams location.

That means the Bielstaughs have just opened their second Boston Sam’s.

You can also try their famous pizza at their original location, Sam’s Deli in Brookline, Massachusetts. 

What are Sams pies?

Sam’s, a Chicago-based company, was founded in 1922 by brothers Brian and Sam Bielfieldt.

The Bieltfields started the pizza joint with their mother, who grew up in the same neighborhood of New York. 

When the brothers met at the age of 12, they wanted to make pizza, so they started their family-owned restaurant, Sams Pizza, in 1922. 

In the decades since, Sam and his family have added other pizza joints to their repertoire, including Sam’s Greek Grill in Los Angeles and Sam’s New York Bar and Grill in Brooklyn.

What’s Sams best pizza?

Sams pizzas are made with a mix of fresh ingredients and are often topped with herbs and garlic, onions and fresh basil.

You can also enjoy Sams pizza in several other countries around the world.

Sam’s Pizzeria in New Delhi.

Sam’s Pizazzeria in London.

Sami’s Pizza in New Orleans.

How to get to Sams?

Take the MBTA’s Boston-New Haven line to Exit 17.

The Sams New England Pizza stops at the Boston Public Library.

Follow the signs to the Sams Deli.

Follow the signs from Sam’s to Sam and Sams.

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