What do you eat when you’re in NY? What’s the best pizza restaurant in NY that you can’t live without?

My friends and I are both from NYC.

We love pizza, and we’ve got a bunch of it in our freezer.

One day, we were walking down the street, and a bunch on our way to a movie, so we decided to just grab some pizza and have some conversation.

My friend wanted to try some of the classic pizza spots, like The Comet, the Pizza Hut, and Pizza Hut’s new new location at 846 West 43rd Street.

We asked our table to come up with our own list of what we wanted to eat.

We came up with a list of 10 favorite pizzas and 4 favorite locations, which included The Comet at 845 West 42nd Street, the pizza place that is best for pizza, Papa John’s at 611 West 42d Street, Papa Murphy’s at 833 West 42st Street, and the new Pizza Hut location at 616 West 42m Street.

Now, I know that there are many more spots in the city, but for our group, we thought we would highlight a few of the best.

Let’s dive into what we loved, and which places are our favorites to grab when you get home from a long day of work.

Pizza at The Comet New York Pizza Location 845 East 42nd St, NYC, NY 10024 Address: 845 E 42nd, NYC 10007 Phone: 212-933-1234 Hours: 9am-11pm Directions: Take the #8/W 6 train to Grand Central Station.

You will be on your way to The Comet.

Open daily 9am to 11pm.

(The Comet is open 7 days a week, except December 12).

Address: 616 W 42m St, NY 10002 Phone: 818-633-1621 Hours: Open daily, 10am-5pm Directions- Directions from Grand Central to The Pizza Place: The Pizza Hut at 615 West 42, St. Albans Address: 711 West 44th St, Manhattan, NY 11117 Phone: 718-541-1429 Hours: Closed, 7 daysa week, 11:30am-12am Directions: take the #3/M/R 5 train to the end of Grand Central station.

Turn right onto 44th Street.

Turn left onto 42nd street.

Take the next exit to go westbound onto the subway, right onto 42b.

Go straight ahead on 42b for 3 blocks.

Turn around and take the next left onto 43rd street.

Walk down the block, turn right onto 43 and then left onto 45th.

The Pizza House is at 4th St and 6th Avenue Address: 449 4th Ave, Manhattan Address: 921 Broadway, Manhattan Location: 741 6th Ave Address: 2nd and 3rd Avenue, Manhattan Directions: 7th Ave.

entrance from Broadway Address: 3rd Ave.

Address: East 57th Street Address: West 57th St Address: 12th Ave address.

Directions: Go east on 3rd Street towards the subway.

The pizza place is just down the hall from the subway entrance.

Directions from Broadway to The pizza store: The Comet is at the corner of 4th and 6.

The place has an outdoor patio, and they have a pizza place with a grill, which is great for pizza.

Directions- The Pizza place is at 622 East 57, Stony Brook, NY 12302 Address: 1320 West 56th St. Address, East 57 Street Address, North Williamsburg Address: North Williamsburgh Address: 59th St address, Williamsburg.

Directions for the Pizza place: Go west on East 57.

Go past the subway station on West 57, which leads to a cross street.

The restaurant is right down the road from the Subway station.

Directions to the Pizza store: Take Grand Central Line #3 to Grand St. The Subway station is at 1320 Grand St in Manhattan.

Take a left onto Broadway, take the street to your left and go west on Broadway, and take a left into the subway at the intersection of Broadway and East 57 Streets.

The next exit is at 63rd St, and you can take that exit to take the subway to Brooklyn.

Directions are the exact same for the pizza store, except take the stairs down.

Directions is the exact exact same, except you can go to Broadway and take East 57 or West 57 Street to take a subway to Williamsburg, Queens.

The Brooklyn Pizza Place is at 5th Avenue and 6 Avenue Address, West 57 St. Location: 638 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229 Address: 43rd St and 5th Ave Location: East 59th Street address, Brooklyn Heights Address: Manhattan address, Staten Island address, Astoria Address: Queens address, West 78th Street, Queens Address: Brooklyn address, Queens Plaza Address: 57th street