‘Pizza is delicious’: Neapolitan pizzas are a thing of beauty, writes Andrew Rafferty

“It’s the same thing with my wife,” he said.

“It just doesn’t get better than this.

You have to love it.”

The pair have a long and storied history of family pizza-making in Italy.

In the 1960s, their daughter Simone began cooking at home in Naples.

She and her husband, Giovanni, took over the business in 1979 and opened their own restaurant, Pizza Parca, which is now owned by their son Giovanni.

The family has been a major contributor to the Italian pizza scene ever since, and the family is no stranger to controversy.

In 2011, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica published an interview with Giovanni that revealed that his wife had once had a secret affair with a man who was in the military.

The couple also faced allegations of fraud over the use of money stolen from the family.

After a long, drawn-out legal battle, the couple paid a $100,000 fine and were ordered to pay $2.7 million in penalties.

The fine was reduced to $10,000 and the sentence was reduced again to a fine of $5,000.

Giovanni and Simone were not allowed to speak publicly about the case and their lawyer, Federico Vincenzo, declined to comment on it, but he said they would fight any legal challenge.

“I think that any kind of publicity is damaging,” he told The Associated Press.

“The only thing that will help us is for the judge to make an example of this man and that this is a crime.”

“This was a very difficult case for them,” Vincento said.

“They made a very, very big mistake,” he added.

The couple is now hoping to move to the United States, where Giovanni said he hopes to establish a business and open a restaurant.

He hopes to open an outpost in the Phoenix area, which would be the second largest in the United State.

“It’s my home.

I have a lot of friends in Naples, and I know that they like this pizza,” he joked.