Former Trump campaign manager and former adviser Matt Drudge: ‘Dannys Pizza’ was a pizza chain that was a ‘hit’ with the Trump campaign

DANNYS Pizza, a chain founded by Trump campaign chairman and former RNC chair Matt Draggs, has become a trending topic on Twitter following reports that former Trump campaign adviser Matt Drigues pizza was a hit with the Republican nominee’s campaign.

The chain, which is located in New York, is a popular pizza chain with Donald Trump supporters, according to the Associated Press.

Drigues’ pizza was featured on the front of a pizza box for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Trump also said in a tweet on Sunday that the brand was a “hit” with the campaign.

“Matt Drighes Pizza is a hit, as you know.

This is the guy who brought you the RNC and RNC Chairman Matt Drigs.

I don’t care if he’s a pizza-maker, I don, I really don’t,” Trump said.”

It was a great pizza for a great night, it was a big hit!”