Pizza Hut’s new national pizza day event is on and off the menu

Pizza Hut has officially launched the National Pizza Day on October 23.

The chain announced the event on Twitter on Monday, where it promised to offer a free pizza on the day for those who can’t afford a regular slice.

“We’re going to do this because pizza is great,” the company said.

“Our team is working hard on pizza and pizza Hut is going to be here to bring you a slice every night.”

In addition to the pizza, Pizza Hut will also offer a new national menu for those looking for something different.

The menu, titled Pizza Hut Specials, is available to order at all Pizza Hut restaurants, and it’s currently only available in select stores, including Pizza Hut.

“You can have a pizza and a glass of wine on the table, you can have dessert and pizza and you can even have a sandwich,” the Pizza Hut tweet read.

“There’s a pizza in every corner, so don’t miss out.”

Pizza Hut’s Twitter account also announced a special pizza night for its customers in Australia, offering special offers on a variety of specialties, including “specialty pizza” and “pizza in a bag”.

“Don’t miss the chance to get a slice of pizza on national pizza,” Pizza Hut said.

Pizza is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, according to industry experts, with the total annual revenue in the US forecast to surpass $2.4 trillion by 2020.