Jet’s pizza menus will feature $6.99 and $8.99 options

Jet’s Pizza & Bar will be offering $6 and $9.99 pizza menu options for customers in the U.S., according to the company.

Jet’s has a $3.99, $5.99 or $7.99 breakfast, lunch and dinner menu option.

Jet has been expanding its menu options since it was acquired by Pizza Hut in December 2016.

The company will be selling three items on its breakfast menu, three on its lunch and four on its dinner menu: a chicken salad with roasted chicken and avocado, a chicken and cheese sandwich, and a salad and cheese roll with roasted vegetables.

The chicken and egg sandwich is available at $4.99 for 12 slices and $6 for 20 slices.

The avocado and cheese pizza rolls, which come with four chicken, four avocado, and two cheese pieces, are available for $5 each and come with three chicken, three avocado, two cheese, and three tomato slices.

Jet said it will start offering the two pizza options in early January.