Which country is the best place to eat pizza?

If you’re going to eat a pizza in Australia, it probably shouldn’t be on the top of your list.

But that’s exactly what one local woman has done.

Theresa Gorman from the Sydney suburb of Burwood says her family has been going there for decades and she’s a huge fan of the pizza.

“We’ve got three kids that like to go for a meal,” she said.

“So for them to eat on the weekend, we’re in for a treat.”

Theresa and her family have been going to the pizza planet for decades.

She said their favorite part was getting a pizza from the other side of the world.

“You get a slice of bread, you put your mouth on the crust, and you just taste it,” she explained.

“Then you just put it in your mouth and you’re happy.”

She said the pizza was cooked on the other hand, so it tasted different.

“I think you can get more taste out of a good pizza than the crust on a standard one,” she added.

“If you can’t taste the crust and you’ve got a cheese on the inside, it’s not really as good.”

And what about the taste?

Theresa said the crust was a little crunchy, which is why she didn’t like the pizza when she was younger.

“They are more like the American pizzas, they’re very crunchy and crunchy on the outside,” she laughed.

“But they’re also not as much salty or as sweet.”

But there’s no denying the pizza is delicious.

“It’s the best pizza in the world,” she joked.