River Street Pizza and Sal’s Pizza are coming to South Australia, after their first Australian launch

A number of Australian companies have already made the move to South Australian.Sal’s Pizza and River Street are the first two Australian businesses to roll out their brand in South Australia.The two South Australian pizza chains were launched by former Pizza Express boss Tim Hickey, and have been growing fast in South Australian markets.Salem Pizza […]

Pizza Hut is the new king of pizza, but it’s not your grandmother’s pizza

A pizza delivery service is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. with revenue exceeding $2 billion in 2016.But it’s also the latest pizza chain to try something different.Now, Domino’s Pizza is changing that, expanding to New York City.The chain has already opened a second location in New York’s Greenwich Village.Domino is looking to […]

Why is the FBI investigating the pizza delivery guy who left a note in the mail for President Donald Trump?

The FBI is investigating the man who left $5,000 to a pizzeria owner who is suing the president for defamation, the bureau said Tuesday.“The FBI has received information regarding a person claiming to be the owner of an Orange County pizza shop that left a $5 million check in the mailbox to a restaurant owner […]

What you need to know about the ‘pizza tax’ bill

A new pizza tax bill introduced by the Turnbull Government is being debated in the lower house, after the Opposition and some Greens argued it was unnecessary and unfair.Key points: The pizza tax, which would apply to small businesses, was included in the Coalition’s “small business package” to reduce the tax bill of some businessesThe […]