When the man who made the classic pizza, Sam’s, died, he left behind a legacy that still draws people from around the world

BY ANDREW TOLMES & Associated PressAUSTIN (AP) Sam’s Pizza founder Sam Adams was one of the pioneers of the restaurant industry in Texas.

And he died on Wednesday, a day after a two-week battle with cancer.

His death at age 93 was announced by his daughter, Jennifer Adams.

The family says Adams passed away at his home in Austin on Wednesday.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Adams, and his two sons, Sam and Joe.

He had been battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer for nearly a decade, and died at his Texas home.

A native of West Texas, Adams began working at Sam’s in 1958.

He became a full-time employee in 1972, a job he held until the restaurant was purchased by a local businessman, Sam Adams Jr., in 2003.

The restaurant went through numerous changes during Adams’ lifetime.

He would often leave his home for work in the late afternoon to work at Sams restaurant.

In 1994, Adams married his high school sweetheart, Kim Adams.

In 1999, he opened the popular Sam’s Restaurant on Northgate Avenue, which became the city’s first pizzeria.

In the early 2000s, Sams underwent a massive renovation, and Adams continued to serve food at the restaurant, which was then known as Sam’s Pub.

In 2006, Sammys first year as a restaurant closed, but it reopened two years later.

Adams died in 2008, just one year after his 90th birthday.

The restaurant reopened in 2011.

Sam Adams Jr. was born Jan. 20, 1946, in Dallas.

He grew up in North Dallas and attended the University of Texas.

The son of a teacher and a homemaker, he earned a law degree from Texas Tech University in 1973.

He worked as a lawyer in the Dallas area, and moved to Austin to be with his mother, who was a nurse.

When Sams dad died, his mother remarried.

His sister, Mary, married Adams’ brother, Sam, in 1979.

The couple had four children.

Sam’s was a small restaurant, with one or two tables.

It had a long list of locations in Austin, including Sam’s Bar, Samstalls and Sam’s on N. Main.

Adams, who lived in Austin at the time, would later be involved in the development of the downtown shopping area.

Sam and Mary Adams had three sons: Sam Adams, Joe and Joe Jr. In 2010, he became a director of the Sam Adams Museum, a museum dedicated to his restaurant.

In his own words, Adams said he enjoyed serving customers, and he enjoyed the process of building his restaurant and building Sam’s.

He said his family was fortunate to have been able to serve his customers and his employees in Austin.

“I wanted to serve them the best I could,” he said.