Why are Greeks pizza lovers so desperate?

Greece is still reeling from the shock of its debt crisis.

The country is still mired in the worst recession in modern times.

The currency, the drachma, is still on the decline.

And the country still faces the most crippling debt crisis in the European Union.

But it also has one of the most exciting new pizza trends.

Primos Pizza.

A Greek pizza chain that uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Primos has come a long way from its roots as a roadside restaurant.

Its popularity in Greece has soared.

Its growth has outstripped that of any other pizza chain in Europe.

But with the economy in a tailspin and unemployment soaring, it’s now facing a crisis of confidence, with millions of Greeks still struggling to get by.

Primers pizza has been popular with Greeks for more than 30 years.

It was first introduced in 1988 by a Greek-born Italian immigrant named Angelo Di Paola.

A few years later, the Italian company Di Paolo’s Pizza opened its first store in Athens, and Primos, which now has outlets across the country, was born.

It has since grown to become the second-largest pizza chain by market value in the world, with about 8,000 stores worldwide.

But its growth has been so incredible that the company now employs nearly 70,000 people in Greece, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Its founder, Angelo Di Pasolini, is not only an Italian immigrant, but also a Greek who was born in Italy.

“I grew up in Greece,” Di Pasilos says.

“There was nothing like pizza there.

You’re eating in a different way. “

You’re eating something different.

You’re eating in a different way.

It’s a different culture.

I grew up eating in Italy, but I felt I didn’t belong in Greece.”

So in 1991, Di Pasilo began working with Italian restaurant owner Giovanni Campagna.

“In 1992, I met Giovanni,” Di Paolos says, “and we got the idea to start making pizzas in Italy.”

And so Primos began making pizzes.

In 1994, the company opened two stores in Athens.

In 1998, the chain expanded to its current five locations in Greece and the rest of the European continent.

Now, it has more than a dozen stores worldwide and employs more than 150,000.

Primas is an American chain.

Its pizza has become an international success, with orders in more than 100 countries.

Di Paolis says Primos is in a perfect position to capitalize on Greece’s economic crisis.

“Greece is very dependent on imports.

We can’t do anything like that,” Di Pero says. “

We can’t make our own pizza.

We can’t do anything like that,” Di Pero says.

Primus pizza has taken off, with Primos restaurants serving pizza in more cities around the world than any other Italian-American chain.

For Di Paoli, who is now in his 60s, it was the perfect opportunity to take the pizza to the next level.

“The thing that I love about Italian food is the simplicity of it,” he says.

The Primos brand is the brainchild of Angelo Di Papilos, a restaurateur who was a pizza lover in Italy and a pizza fan in the U.S. Di Papolos started his own pizza company in 1994, and it is a unique Italian brand with the name Primos that uses locally sourced meats, fresh pasta and vegetables, and other ingredients that are locally sourced.

Primo pizza has a menu of pasta dishes like the pizza lasagne, which comes with a tomato sauce.

Di Peros is the founder of Primos.

He says that as a result of Primus, he and his wife have raised three children, including his two sons.

Di Pasilios says that the business is a way for him to help people, especially in Greece.

“Our kids can grow up knowing that they were never going to get rich.

So for me, it is really about helping people in the community.

That’s why I love pizza,” he explains.

Di Pola says that Primos pizza is not a one-size-fits-all pizza.

“It’s a little different from the pizza that you might find in the United Arab Emirates or Spain,” he said.

“Primos is a little bit more of a hybrid.”

Di Paolas says that he hopes that with his pizza business, people in his community will become more aware of their role in the economy.

“When you look at our community, we’re one of those people who is in the bread-winners and we’re in the pizza-winters.

And it’s our bread and it’s the pizza,” Di Polas said.

Di Pesolos and Di Paoles say they want to help Greeks get through the crisis.

Primores Pizza is in Athens and in