When a pizza chain started making pizza nearby to Tony’s, he decided to start making his own

article on National Geographic’s website, as he did in his article on Tony’s Pizza in his own backyard.

The article has since been featured on CNN, the New York Times, BuzzFeed, and other news organizations.

“The Pizza Pizza guy was kind of the main character in the movie, so it was really cool,” says Anthony.

“When I was in school, I didn’t have a choice but to go to a pizzeria.

When I was older, I really enjoyed the pizza, but now I’m a little bit more of a purist and I can’t go to those places anymore.

But I was thinking, well, I can always make my own pizza somewhere else, so why not?”

When Tony’s opened its first location in 2013 in the Bronx, it was only a couple blocks from Tony’s original Pizza Pizza restaurant.

But that was before the chain expanded its pizza empire.

“We didn’t really want to do a whole pizza place because we’re still kind of doing pizza restaurants,” says Tony.

“So we ended up having three different locations in different neighborhoods, so now we have three locations in Manhattan and Queens.

We started with the Bronx and ended up expanding to Queens and the Bronx.

It’s been awesome.”

Tony’s Pizza opened its Bronx location on July 4, 2016.

He says that he grew up eating pizza, so the opening of the Bronx location was the perfect time to introduce the pizza to the Bronxites.

“I’ve been to the Staten Island Ferry, and I’ve eaten at one of the Staten Islanders’ restaurants, and the Staten Islands are a really, really good pizza place,” says the pizza delivery man.

“They make the best pizza in the world.

I’ve never had a bad pizza, and they have the best margherita pizza I’ve ever had.”

Tony says that the Staten Isles pizzeria is very good.

“It’s a little place.

It has a small menu.

It had a very big pizza,” he says.

“The crust is really thin, so you can get the pizza as a whole piece, or you can slice it up.”

“There’s not really anything that’s really different about the Staten island pizza,” says chef Kevin Kuzniewski.

“A lot of the people who work there, they are really into the classics, so they’re really good.”

Tony believes that the best part of the pizza is the margheritas.

“You can have a margheritata or a mozzarella sandwich.

It makes a great lunch.

And I like that they have different toppings,” he explains.”

I just think they are just so great,” says Pizza Pizza co-owner Paul Bessette.

“If you’ve never been to Staten Island, you really get the taste of the island.

There’s just something about the crust. “

But Staten Island pizza is amazing.

There’s just something about the crust.

You can really taste it, and it’s very flavorful.”

Tony has been making his pizzas in his kitchen ever since.

“Every time I open my pizza, I’ve had a whole bunch of people come up to me and ask me for the recipe.

It really has been a great experience,” he adds.

Tony’s pizza is made using a simple pizza crust that’s rolled with a mixture of mozzato cheese, Parmesan, and mozzerella.

The crust is then coated with tomato sauce and then baked on a pizza stone in his basement kitchen.

He also uses a mixture from his freezer, which is used to make sauces for pizza, for the pizzas.

Tony says the only reason he doesn’t have more pizza locations is because he loves making his pizza, which he says he’s always looking to expand on.

“My kids really like my pizza,” Tony says.

Tony has a new website that he says is going to be a “great place for people to get started and find the pizza that they want to eat.”

The Pizza Papa is located at 3rd Street and Eighth Avenue, in the Harlem neighborhood of Midtown.

It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and there is a small selection of pizzas available.

Tony also serves a pizza at his local Italian restaurant, The Pierogi.

Tony describes the pizza at the Pierogi as the “most beautiful pizza I have ever eaten,” and says that it has the best toppings he has ever tasted.

“At The Piergi, I usually order a slice of mozza or a pizza with cheese, but I always have a side of the tomato sauce on it,” says Bessie.

“There’s a lot of flavor and depth to this pizza.

It can take the edge off a pizza.

You know, it has a lot going for it.”