How to buy cheap pizza at a pizza store in Canada

A fast-food chain has created a “pizza shuttle” program for Canadian customers to get their fix on their way to the grocery store.

The Pizza Hut Pizza Huts offer coupons to people with limited grocery budget, including $1 off a $4 pizza.

It’s a new strategy for the chain, which has had a tough time in the U.S. and Europe, where it has struggled to compete.

The U.K.-based chain has had to deal with the loss of jobs in its hometown and the closure of its British grocery chain in April, which forced the chain to expand its distribution.

The company said in a statement that the new program is designed to provide customers with a free delivery of up to a full pizza, with some exceptions.

“It is our goal to provide all Canadians with the very best pizza we can provide, and we’re delighted to help those who have a limited budget by offering a free pizza to those who don’t qualify,” Pizza Hut said in its statement.

The program will be offered on Pizza Hut’s U.k. website and in stores starting Monday.

Customers who can’t qualify for a free slice are being offered a coupon that includes free delivery and pizza delivery.

 Pizza Hut is a U.s. chain that opened its first U. K. store in 2014, and it now has nearly 600 locations in North America.

The chain has also expanded in Canada, opening its first Canada-wide store in the capital of Toronto last year.