How Casey Anthony’s ex-husband’s pizza has changed the NFL’s pizza industry

A new pizza brand has launched in the NFL, a case of a new pizza trend.

Casey Anthony’s Pizza is named after the former NFL star who was convicted in the 2016 death of her then-boyfriend, and which is currently available in 49 states.

The New York-based brand, which is owned by former NFL offensive lineman and ex-wife of former San Francisco 49ers running back Joe Montana, Casey Anthony Pizza, launched in New York City and is available in other major cities in the United States.

In addition to the NFL brand, Casey’s Pizza has also been used in other sports.

In January, the Philadelphia Eagles had the honor of hosting the NFL-owned Casey Anthony Pie in a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns.

In the past two years, CaseyAnthony Pizza has become a fixture on the pizza menus of NBA teams and colleges across the country.

Casey Anthony pizza was the most popular choice in the first-round of the NBA playoffs.

The Philadelphia 76ers, the reigning NBA champions, had Casey Anthony pie in its food trucks before the NBA finals.

Caseya Anthony’s father Casey Anthony is pictured in a file photo, in this May 6, 2016, file photo.

In 2018, Casey and Casey Anthony were featured in a documentary about a man who claims he was drugged and raped by Casey Anthony in his hotel room in 2004, which the couple said they did not want to go public.