How to order pizza in Greece

The word pizza comes from a Greek word for bread, and is used to describe the dough that goes into the pizza.

In Greece, people call it “margheritas” (or margarita), which is a Greek term for pizza.

“There are only two kinds of pizza: the old fashioned style and the new style,” said Paulina, a Greek restaurant owner in Athens.

She says that the old-fashioned style is very popular with Greek tourists.

“You see a lot of tourists coming to Greece, going to the old style, and they come here because it’s the best, the freshest pizza in Athens,” she said.

Paulina says she has seen a spike in her business in the last few months, and that she has noticed a huge spike in the number of Greeks ordering pizza.

She said that it’s a big part of Greek culture, and it has also helped attract a lot more tourists.

According to the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the number is up by 50 per cent since the beginning of 2017.

The Ministry of Culture says that Greeks are spending $20 billion on pizza.