Pizza is in the pizza box, but where are you?

A pizza is in a box, according to a survey of more than 1,000 pizza-lovers conducted by a company called Panda Express.

A box is a place where pizza is baked, packaged and shipped.

It’s a little more expensive than it looks, and it can be a little cramped, too.

A survey of 1,019 pizza-lover respondents from the US and Canada found that they love to cook pizza, but are looking for ways to keep their ovens from breaking.

“A box has a place in the home,” Panda Express said in a blog post.

“It’s where we make pizzas, where we keep our ovens, and where we store our food.

You can buy a box for $50 and get a box full of the best ingredients.

But if you want to cook a pizza for yourself, you’ll need to buy a larger box.””

Pizza is in your box, Panda Express says, but why?”

Panda Express’s Panda Express Pizza Box survey asked 2,007 people to name their favorite pizza-making tools, which included a pizza-maker, pizza cutter, sauce pan and oven.

“You may have noticed a trend of buying larger boxes for cooking pizza, and we want to hear your feedback,” Panda’s CEO, Kevin Kim, wrote in the post.

A Panda Express spokesperson said that the survey showed that people are “happy to have a large box that holds all the essential tools that make pizza happen, and also the convenience that comes with having that option.”

The survey, which was published online by Panda Express on Wednesday, also found that “a pizza is a great thing to do with your friends and family, but a box is more like a picnic table and a quiet place to relax and relax”.

“So why not make a pizza box for yourself?” the spokesperson asked.

“Pizza boxes are the perfect place to have your friends over, to cook dinner together, or just to take a break from cooking.

The only thing missing is a kitchen.”

The company said that it has had pizza-makers in mind for years, and that Panda Express has been designing boxes for years.

“Our pizza box design is influenced by our pizza makers’ experience making pizzas at home,” the Panda Express CEO wrote.

“As you will see in our video, our box is made of high-quality materials that are durable and make for a great addition to your kitchen.”

Kim said that Panda is also making pizza boxes for other brands.

“We are always adding new features to our pizza boxes and will keep adding new items to our collection,” he wrote.

Kim did not give a price or an estimated delivery date.