When Johnny Depp was ‘pat’s pizza’… and it still makes you sad

Pat’s Pizza was once the country’s favourite pizza restaurant and now its owner is facing a defamation lawsuit after saying he was once an employee of the film star.

The Pizza Shuttle and Johnnie’s Pizza, which have also closed, were named in the lawsuit filed on Tuesday by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Pat’s Pizza is one of Australia’s best pizza restaurants,” Johnnie Depp’s lawyer Michael Jardine told the court.

Mr Jardines claims that the restaurant was once owned by Mr Depp, who was in his late 20s when he bought it in 2003 for $1.5 million.

He claims the restaurant’s current owner, Peter Lutz, is an ex-employee of The Simpsons, which Mr Depps said had made him “pat’s” pizza.

It was named in a lawsuit filed in NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday, against Pat’s and Johnnys Pizza franchises, the Herald reported.

At the time, Mr DePP told the ABC he was the first to work at the restaurant, which opened in Sydney in 1993.

In his lawsuit, Mr Jardiner alleges that the former owner is a disgruntled employee of The Simpson, and that he has never worked for Pat’s.

Johnnie Depps told the Herald he wanted to move to Australia but his former boss made him work at his restaurant.

“[He] did not like my style of eating,” Mr Deppers lawyer said.

Pat’s and The Simpsons have both been sold to a private equity firm.

They were also the subject of a lawsuit in the US last year.

Last year, Mr Lutz was sued by Mr Litz over his alleged sexual misconduct with an Australian model in the 1980s.

A spokesperson for Pat and Johnny’s Restaurants said it would not comment on pending litigation.