When do you eat pizza?

A pizza delivery driver is trying to save himself a little money on his delivery by offering customers free pizza if they order before midnight.

Key points:The Pizza Box is an iconic slice of pizza and one of Australia’s favourite mealsA delivery driver in the Northern Territory is offering free pizza for anyone who orders before midnight tonight.(ABC News: Rob Griffiths)The delivery company, Pizza Box, is offering delivery of a pizza to anyone who pre-orders the special delivery in its Pizza Box delivery zone at 3pm.

Pizza Box owner, John Gannon, said he was inspired by a tip that he was getting from a young man who wanted to order a pizza before midnight and said he would deliver it to the man at the same time.

“We just thought, ‘let’s try it’,” Mr Gannon said.

“I just gave him a call and said ‘we’re on this, you have to get this by midnight’.”

We had him come in and we’ve had a few people tell us they’re not happy, but we’ve been told by other customers, ‘you’ve got to try it, it’s a great tip’.

“Mr Gannon also said the company was using its services to deliver pizza for people in remote parts of the country, including the Northern Territories.

He said it was also trying to encourage people to give back to local communities and businesses by helping them with pizza deliveries.”

If someone wants to buy a pizza for their birthday, they can do that.

We have pizza boxes available for people to buy in town,” he said.

Mr Gatton said he had been using the pizza box for a few months and was a huge fan.”

It’s great for people who don’t want to go out and eat,” he told the ABC.”

People in remote areas don’t really have any options.

“They just have to go and eat at a pizza place.”

The Pizza box is made by Italy’s Pizza Hut.

(Supplied)Mr Gatto said the pizza delivery service had also helped his business grow.

“The pizza boxes are really helpful for people because they can take them home, but they’re also very helpful for businesses who want to deliver their goods in town, because it’s cheaper than a truck,” he added.

“So we’ve really helped our business grow.”