It’s not just the food you should avoid during your trip to the Philippines

Philippines officials have announced they are banning pizza in the country.

 Officials said that in light of the growing number of tourists visiting the country and the fact that pizza is becoming a popular item among locals, they want to make sure that all restaurants, cafes and pizzerias are operating safely.

The ban comes just days after the Philippine government declared that pizza was no longer served in all schools in the Philippines, and the government announced it would restrict the sale of food in bars, restaurants and other establishments.

A few months ago, a ban was also placed on food sold in stores, restaurants, bars and other eateries in the capital city of Manila.

There are currently no rules governing the sale or consumption of food at bars, which are considered illegal.

It was announced that food would be prohibited from the streets of the country in January, but the government has since announced that it will not take any measures to curb the sale and consumption of pizza, as the country continues to grow and the Philippines continues to experience tourism.

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We don’t know why the Philippines is doing this but the Philippines has become the number one destination for foreign tourists to visit.

During the first nine months of this year, the Philippines received a record 4.3 million visitors, more than any other country on earth.

Tourism officials believe the rise in tourists is due in part to the popularity of local and foreign brands that serve pizza, but also the growing popularity of Filipino food.

As more Filipinos return home from their holidays, they are also returning to eat local food, according to the Philippine National Tourism Commission.