‘Bacon’ Pizza With Bacon, Chicken, and Bacon Pizza is Now on Blaze Pizza menu

Blaze Pizza is now offering a bacon pizza with bacon, chicken, and bacon pizza.

Blaze Pizza released the recipe for the new pizza on Monday, February 10.

Blaze also said that the new recipe is the “new and boldest bacon pizza on the market,” and will be available nationwide for the first time.

Blaze pizza is “one of the hottest things happening in the pizza industry right now,” Blaze Pizza co-owner Scott Staley told Business Insider.

“This is just the beginning of our bacon pizza revolution.”

Blaze Pizza’s bacon pizza is based on a simple recipe that combines bacon, garlic, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, and cheese.

Blaze says the pizza is also a vegan option.

“We think bacon is the perfect ingredient for pizza,” Staley said.

“I have never seen a pizza recipe like this before.”

Blaze pizza will be a limited time offering until March 31, and it will be priced at $14.99.

Blaze customers can order their bacon pizza today through Blaze Pizza.

Blaze said the pizza has already made its way into some local restaurants and bars, including the Buffalo Wild Wings, the Ritz Carlton, the Sip City, and the Downtown Buffalo, among others.

“The pizza is the ultimate bacon pie,” Staly said.

The Blaze pizza uses a recipe that calls for 1 pound of bacon and 1/4 cup of cheese, plus 1/2 cup of tomato sauce.

Blaze is selling the pizza on Blaze’s website and through other outlets.

The pizza comes with two toppings, a bacon-wrapped chicken sandwich, and two bacon cheeseburgers.

Blaze currently offers four flavors of bacon pizza: pepperoni pizza, mushroom pizza, bacon pizza, and chicken pizza.

“As far as bacon pizza goes, we are the only place on the West Coast where you can buy this and get a bacon cheese pizza,” Blaze co-founder and co-CEO Andrew Schulenberg told Business Daily.

“For us, this is a really bold and new direction.”

Schulberg added that Blaze Pizza plans to continue offering the bacon pizza and other bacon-inspired pizzas through March 31.

“At Blaze Pizza, we have a very strong focus on bacon pizza,” Schuleman said.