How a slice of pizza can be as cheap as a pizza in Australia

A slice of a pizza can often be as low as $1 in Australia, making it the cheapest slice of food in the world, according to a report from Pizza Express.

The report, released in the Irish Times, said Australian pizza is sold for $1.50 to $1,8.50, with a slice costing as little as $3.20, which is cheaper than the equivalent US slice.

In addition, the average slice in Australia is sold at $3 a piece.

The pie also sells for $3 to $4 less than in the US.

This year alone, Pizza Express says it has sold more than $500 million worth of Australian pizzas, with most of the purchases being from overseas.

The company’s chief executive, Simon McQueen, said Australia’s pizza market had been growing rapidly for more than two decades, but it was about to start a new chapter.

“We are really seeing the Australian pie, in a way, as an entry point to other markets in the Asia-Pacific region, which has been growing in the past decade,” he said.

“It is about to become the global pizza market.”

There is a lot of demand for this type of pizza, so we want to be as successful as we can, in Australia and globally, to be the leading player.

“The company also said Australia was one of the fastest growing markets in terms of new pizza-making capacity in the global industry.”

The key is that the growth has been driven by overseas demand,” he explained.”

Domestic demand for Australian pizzos is also strong and continues to grow.

“The report said Pizza Express was also a key driver of the global rise in the share of foreign direct investment in Australian businesses, which grew by a whopping $2.6 billion to $23.6bn in the last five years.

McQueen said PizzaExpress was also targeting growth in the Asian market.

The pizza chain’s biggest overseas customer is Singapore, where it has become a major player in the pie business.

Pizza Express is also expanding its global footprint.”

Pizza is our first business to expand outside of Australia, so our ambition is to make sure we expand our business into other parts of the world,” he added.”

Our global footprint will include pizza and the global restaurant and delivery business.

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