A Pizza for the Whole Family! – The Veggie & Vegan Pizza House

A Pizza For The Whole Family!, the first of a new series by Next Big Food, has been launched.

It’s a collaboration with the Veggie Food Company.

It’s not only about the food, it’s about the people and what they’re up to with the veggie burger, a vegan cheese-flavored burger with avocado, spinach, and a tangy tomato sauce.

The veggie cheese-cream sauce is also a great vegan cheese substitute.

The Veggie and Vegan Pizza Shop has opened in downtown Miami and will be open on Saturdays.

The veggie & vegan pizza restaurant will be located at 1750 E. Florida Ave.

in Miami.

There will be a variety of pizza and a veggie bar available.

Check out a teaser video of the veg & vegan restaurant: