Pizza Hut is the new king of pizza, but it’s not your grandmother’s pizza

A pizza delivery service is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. with revenue exceeding $2 billion in 2016.But it’s also the latest pizza chain to try something different.Now, Domino’s Pizza is changing that, expanding to New York City.The chain has already opened a second location in New York’s Greenwich Village.Domino is looking to […]

How to Make Your Heart Shape Pizza

We’re back with our very first article from The Bleacherreport.Join us for this epic look at how to shape your heart shape pizza.  We’re looking at heart shaped pizzas because there’s a lot of research about the effects of heart shaped and heart shaped cheese.But for now, let’s focus on heart shaped pies because we think […]

Which pizza toppings are on offer at the Greek restaurant that serves up the best in Italian pizza?

Jet’s Pizza in Athens has just released a few new menu items, which are all the rage in the city.There are some great new things, too, such as the paisanos, which is a traditional Italian pizza topped with cheese and tomato.They are also offering a special pepperoni pizza, and they also have a lot of […]