Pizza Hut’s new national pizza day event is on and off the menu

Pizza Hut has officially launched the National Pizza Day on October 23.The chain announced the event on Twitter on Monday, where it promised to offer a free pizza on the day for those who can’t afford a regular slice.“We’re going to do this because pizza is great,” the company said.“Our team is working hard on […]

‘Pizza is delicious’: Neapolitan pizzas are a thing of beauty, writes Andrew Rafferty

“It’s the same thing with my wife,” he said.“It just doesn’t get better than this.You have to love it.”The pair have a long and storied history of family pizza-making in Italy.In the 1960s, their daughter Simone began cooking at home in Naples.She and her husband, Giovanni, took over the business in 1979 and opened their […]

How to make a pepperoni Pizza from scratch

How to Make a Pepperoni Pizza From Scratch article How To Make a Spicy Pepperoni Parfaits from scratch from this article What you need to know about making pepperoni parfaits recipe, pepperoni, and the basics of how it’s made.Pepperoni pizza is a classic dish that is traditionally made with fresh ingredients and a variety of […]