Luigi’s pizza gets the green lantern pizza treatment

The green lantern pizzas that Luigi’s Pizza, owner of Pizza Hut, announced today will be sold at the restaurant as a limited edition.The green lids will be available for a limited time beginning in March and the green livery will be reserved for Luigi’s guests.The company is currently in the process of testing its pizza-themed […]

The secret to a successful pizzeria

New York City is the epicenter of pizza production in the United States.Yet it is the pizza capital of the world.It is the most populous state, and home to one of the largest populations of people who have ever lived in a single country.And yet the pizza industry, as a whole, remains largely ignored by […]

How to bake the best pizza crust ever?

In the spirit of a pizza-themed Halloween-themed holiday, here are the top five ways to make your favorite slice of pizza crust.1.Get creative!When it comes to baking, it can be easy to go too far in your quest for perfection.The crust you make will always have the flavor of the toppings you add, so be […]

How to eat pizza time on Thanksgiving without having to watch TV

How to make a turkey pie on Thanksgiving?I know, right?But that’s not the whole reason why it’s important to watch a lot of TV on Thanksgiving.The most important reason is to avoid eating a lot.This Thanksgiving is the time of year where everyone is trying to cram as much food into their bodies as possible.You […]