Which pizza toppings to buy?

Pizzas are the most popular pizza toppons among millennials, according to a new study.Pizza toppings are the least popular pizza topping among older millennials, but millennials who are older and more educated are still more likely to eat pizza, according the survey from consumer research firm GfK.Millennials were also more likely than other age groups […]

It’s not just the food you should avoid during your trip to the Philippines

Philippines officials have announced they are banning pizza in the country. Officials said that in light of the growing number of tourists visiting the country and the fact that pizza is becoming a popular item among locals, they want to make sure that all restaurants, cafes and pizzerias are operating safely.The ban comes just days after […]

When Johnny Depp was ‘pat’s pizza’… and it still makes you sad

Pat’s Pizza was once the country’s favourite pizza restaurant and now its owner is facing a defamation lawsuit after saying he was once an employee of the film star.The Pizza Shuttle and Johnnie’s Pizza, which have also closed, were named in the lawsuit filed on Tuesday by The Sydney Morning Herald.“Pat’s Pizza is one of […]

How ‘Pizza Party’ became a $3.8B global hit – Politico

New York City’s “Pizza party” restaurant, a $2.8 billion business in the city’s financial district, has been in the spotlight ever since its debut in March.But the restaurant’s success has been built on a little-known art of its own.The pizzas are frozen.They are served in a white, wooden case.And the only ingredients are the frozen […]