How to save a million dollars with pizza deals: roccos pizza

Raccoons are not very happy about their pizza deals.That’s not a surprise.But that doesn’t mean the animals are too picky about it. In fact, according to an online survey, they are actually pretty happy with what they’re getting.A new study by the nonprofit organization Food Matters found that rocovitas and other crustaceans are more than happy […]

Domino’s Pizza and its online pizza delivery service will now have online ordering, according to its CEO

Domino`s Pizza has unveiled a new online ordering platform for its online ordering.The company announced Tuesday that its pizza delivery system will be available on the Domino�s online ordering site starting with deliveries at 12:01 a.m.PT on April 10.Domino’s CEO Michael Otsuka announced the new service Tuesday.The pizza chain is in the process of launching […]

What is Papa John’s Pizza?

From the outside, the company’s pizza has a cheery charm, even though the crust and toppings aren’t actually made by the pizza company.But inside, the pizzeria is a place where a handful of workers are trying to make a living.Papa John’s operates in nearly every part of the country, including some with relatively small populations.And […]