How to Find a Pizza Shop with a Pizza Menu

article A new trend in the pizza industry has seen some big names in the industry starting to sell pizza.Now, Imo’s Pizza is launching a pizza menu that includes more than 100 products including burgers, hot dogs, salads, pizza, pasta, cheeses, and even a dessert called ‘Pizza’ that is topped with a cheesecake and cream […]

When will Margherita Pizza become available in the Republic of Ireland?

As well as being the biggest pizza chain in the world, the Italian company that produces the pizza in Ireland also produces some of the best pizza in the country. Margherita has been growing in popularity in Ireland and is expected to expand in the future. Its launch in Ireland will be part of a wider rollout […]

Why imo is your favorite pizza-loving person

Imo, aka Alex Pizzeria owner Alex Pritzker, has become one of the world’s most recognizable pizza lovers thanks to his pizza, according to an infographic produced by Google.Pritzkers pizza was featured on the website Eater, where the restaurant is described as “a casual and relaxed place where you can enjoy great pizza without having to […]