‘Pizza is delicious’: Neapolitan pizzas are a thing of beauty, writes Andrew Rafferty

“It’s the same thing with my wife,” he said.“It just doesn’t get better than this.You have to love it.”The pair have a long and storied history of family pizza-making in Italy.In the 1960s, their daughter Simone began cooking at home in Naples.She and her husband, Giovanni, took over the business in 1979 and opened their […]

How to make the pizza of your dreams with Papa John’s Pizza

When I was in college, my dad’s pizza came with a note saying that it was made with fresh ingredients.It was a simple statement that my parents made for me.I would often say to myself, “Dad, why are you telling me this?”When I learned of the chain’s pizza being made with MSG in place of […]

How to eat pizza time on Thanksgiving without having to watch TV

How to make a turkey pie on Thanksgiving?I know, right?But that’s not the whole reason why it’s important to watch a lot of TV on Thanksgiving.The most important reason is to avoid eating a lot.This Thanksgiving is the time of year where everyone is trying to cram as much food into their bodies as possible.You […]

When you order pizza, it doesn’t really count as an ingredient, it’s just a toppings

A few years ago, the world was a bit different when it came to ordering pizza.Nowadays, you don’t even need to worry about what toppings you’re ordering. If you want to make an order of pizza, you’re in luck.That’s because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally decided to let the lazy bakeries and restaurants outsource their […]