‘Pizza is delicious’: Neapolitan pizzas are a thing of beauty, writes Andrew Rafferty

“It’s the same thing with my wife,” he said.“It just doesn’t get better than this.You have to love it.”The pair have a long and storied history of family pizza-making in Italy.In the 1960s, their daughter Simone began cooking at home in Naples.She and her husband, Giovanni, took over the business in 1979 and opened their […]

Why do we still have pizza for dinner?

As the nation heads into the winter holidays, many are celebrating the holidays by eating pizza at home.But this year, the pizza industry is also looking to change the image of pizza.“I think pizza is a way of showing hospitality,” said Arun Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Pizzeria Alumna, a Mumbai-based pizzeria.“When you cook pizza, […]