How to Make a Veggie-Loving Pizza With Cheese, Potato, and Chicken from Vito’s Pizza

A Veggie Pizza with Cheese, a Potato, a Chicken, and a Potato Sauce is delicious, but it also requires some time to make.The process is really, really easy.It’s called a “veggie pizza,” and it’s pretty much just a pie made with a variety of ingredients, including cheese, potato, and chicken.To make this vegan pizza, you […]

When Johnny Depp was ‘pat’s pizza’… and it still makes you sad

Pat’s Pizza was once the country’s favourite pizza restaurant and now its owner is facing a defamation lawsuit after saying he was once an employee of the film star.The Pizza Shuttle and Johnnie’s Pizza, which have also closed, were named in the lawsuit filed on Tuesday by The Sydney Morning Herald.“Pat’s Pizza is one of […]

Pizza cutter, pizza cutter in custody after ‘shooting’ near the intersection of Hwy 70 and Route 30

A Pizza Cutter, a delivery driver, was arrested Thursday after police say he fired shots into a group of people during a drive-by shooting near the Interstate 80 overpass near Route 30 in the San Bernardino Mountains.The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said a man was shot in the arm, leg and shoulder while riding […]

Pat’s Pizza, Gluten Free Pizza, Homeslice Pizza, Pizza Boxes and more – How to find gluten free pizza, gluten free pizzas, gluten Free Pizza Box, gluten FREE pizza delivery, glutenfree pizza delivery in India

The popular Pat’s pizza chain has announced that it will soon be offering gluten free delivery of pizza and other goods in India, with delivery to be done through a new delivery platform called PizzaBox.The new delivery service will be rolled out in the coming weeks, with the pizza chain’s flagship PizzaBox delivery option, PizzaBox, […]

What to watch for on this week’s Pizzagate conspiracy theories

The day the world learned of the assassination of former FBI Director James Comey, a lot of things were at stake.On Monday night, news broke that former CIA Director John Brennan had been named to lead the newly formed FBI in a Trump administration.On Tuesday morning, a series of tweets by Trump and his senior […]