‘Pizza Planet’ says it will make gluten free pizza in 2018

“Our goal is to make gluten-free pizza.We will be opening our first pizza store in 2018,” Domino’s Pizza Planet said in a statement.“We are working with some of the best gluten-conscious people in the country, including some of our top pizza chefs, to deliver a new way to enjoy pizza.Domino’S Pizza Planet is a world […]

What to watch for on this week’s Pizzagate conspiracy theories

The day the world learned of the assassination of former FBI Director James Comey, a lot of things were at stake.On Monday night, news broke that former CIA Director John Brennan had been named to lead the newly formed FBI in a Trump administration.On Tuesday morning, a series of tweets by Trump and his senior […]

Pronto Pizza: How the pizza chain started and now serves up more than 30,000 pizzas per week

Pronto, a new pizza chain based in the heart of New York City, opened its first restaurant in New York in December and has now opened dozens more locations around the country.The chain, which is also known as Papa John’s, started in New Jersey as Papa’s Italian Restaurant.Pronto has now expanded to New York, Philadelphia, […]